About me

I live in Fredericton (pop. 75,000), the capital of New Brunswick province in Atlantic Canada, on the banks of the beautiful Wolastoq (Saint John River).

I have been a researcher for 25 years and a writer and editor for more than 30 years. Throughout my life I have been an activist for social justice.

Most of my research career has included academic writing. More recently, I write for alternative media, primarily the NB Media Co-op, as a member.

For the first decade of my research career, I worked in Ireland and the European Union after completing my graduate work in Cardiff, Wales and Dublin, Ireland. In 2004 I returned to Canada.

My research areas are: technology adoption studies • technology adoption in communities, particularly rural and remote communities • communication of environmental issues remote and rural studies • digital media, communications and technologies • media analysis • political economy of telecommunications • telecommunication policy • social movements online • online survey design • research ethics.

I currently have one main research project on the go:

You can reach me by email: susanodo.ca@gmail.com