I live in Fredericton (pop. 55,000), the capital of New Brunswick province in Atlantic Canada, on the banks of the beautiful St. John River in Maliseet territory. I have been a researcher for almost 20 years. For the first half of my career, I conducted research in Ireland and the European Union. Since 2004 my research focus has been Canada. My current and previous research positions are:

  • Researcher and Adjunct Professor in Sociology, University of New Brunswick, Canada (2004-present)
  • Senior Researcher, Human Computer Interaction team, Information and Communication Technologies Portfolio, National Research Council of Canada (2004-present)
  • Director and Senior Researcher, Itech Research, Ireland (1998 – 2003)
  • Researcher, Dublin City University, Ireland (1995-1998)

My multidisciplinary approach uses mixed, primarily qualitative and participatory, research methods.  My academic qualifications are:

  • PhD (Communications, 2001) from Dublin City University in Ireland
  • MA (1995) from Cardiff University in Wales
  • BA (1989) from the University of Ottawa in Canada