In addition to my published papers, articles and reports, over the years I have made dozens of presentations about my research, in Canada, Ireland, the US, and many European countries. If you would like more information about any of my presentations listed below, feel free to contact me.

(2013) Building Research Alliances: Lessons from the First Nations Innovation Project. World Social Science Forum. Montreal, QC, Canada, October.

(2013) How North Spirit Lake First Nation is Developing Their E-Community. Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) Conference. University of Saskatoon, SK, Canada, June (Presentation lead authors were Penny Carpenter and Rita Thompson)

(2013) ICT in Remote and Rural First Nations: Reflections from the VideoCom / First Nations Innovation Project. Communication & Global Power Shifts Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June.

(2013) ICT in Remote and Rural First Nations: Reflections on Six Years of Research With the VideoCom Project. Canadian Communication Association, University of Victoria, Canada, June.

(2013) Community Resilience and IT Innovation in Remote First Nations in Canada (with Brian Beaton). University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, May.

(2012) Broadband-Enabled Community Services in Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation: Developing an e-Community Approach. Canadian Communication Association, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada, May. (Presentation lead author was G. Whiteduck)

(2012) Research on Broadband Networks and Community Services Delivery in Rural and Remote First Nations: Lessons for Policy. Second National Rural Research Workshop: Policy and Research in Community Investment, Ottawa, ON, Canada, May. (Presentation lead author was B. Beaton)

(2010) What do we know about the need for and use of broadband in remote and Rural First Nations. Presentation to federal inter-departmental meeting, Communication Research Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canada, May.

(2009) Video communication and everyday life. Canadian Communication Association, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada, May.

(2009) Going green: Videoconferencing as part of everyday life. IEEE Symposium on Technology and Society, Phoenix, AZ, USA, May.

(2009) Patient Portal Technologies. River Valley Health, Fredericton, NB, Canada, March.

(2008) ICT for Assessing and Treating Operational Stress Injuries. National Committee on Operational Stress Injuries, Fredericton, NB, Canada, November.

(2008) Multi-site Videoconferencing for Non-Clinical Health Administration. River Valley Health, Fredericton, NB, Canada, September.

(2008) Networks, Research and Development. University of Toronto Graduate Seminar, Toronto, ON, Canada (videoconference presentation from Fredericton),  August.

(2006) Broadband Networks and Aboriginal, Rural, Remote and Peripheral Communities. Alternative Telecommunications Policy Forum, Ottawa, ON, Canada, October.

(2006) Diffusion of ICT in Aboriginal Communities. BC Government Seminar on ICT in First Nations, Vancouver, BC (videoconference presentation from Fredericton), Canada, September.

(2006) From Text to Video Consultations Online. Online Consultation Centre of Expertise Seminar, Gatineau, Quebec (videoconference presentation from Fredericton), Canada, April.

(2006) Turning Municipal Surveillance into Municipal Webcams. City of Fredericton IT Committee, Fredericton, NB, Canada, February.

(2004) Research on ICT with Aboriginal Communities. Presentation to IIT staff, National Research Council, Fredericton, ON, Canada, December.

(2004) Communication, Democracy and ICT. Presentation to IIT staff, National Research Council, Fredericton, ON, Canada, September.

(2003) Researching Social Inclusion and Internet use in Ireland. Queens University Belfast, School of Management and Economics, Belfast, Ireland, December.

(2003) The ECDL in Ireland: An Impact Study. ECDL Foundation CEO Forum on Building a Global IT Standard, Rome, Italy, November.

(2003) The Internet and Older Citizens. EU Greek Presidency conference on Gender and the Information Society, Athens, Greece, May.

(2003) The Digital Divide: Ireland’s Late Adopters. ICS Skills conference, Dublin, Ireland, April.

(2003) Developing an Inclusive Information Society: Research and Policy Approaches. European Commission High Level Group on Employment and Social Dimensions of the Information Society (ESDIS), Brussels, Belgium, January.

(2002) Developing an Inclusive Information Society in Ireland. Presentation to the Information Society Commission, Dublin, Ireland, December.

(2002) European Perspectives on Digital Inclusion. British-Irish Council Digital Inclusion Conference, Jersey, UK, November.

(2002) Parallel Approaches to Addressing the Digital Divide. European Commission IST 2002 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, November.

(2002) Rapporteur’s Report: Panel on Human and Intellectual Capital. European Commission Conference on Social and Human Capital in the Knowledge Society: Policy Implications, Brussels, Belgium, October.

(2002) ICT Skills and Employment: A Key for Social Inclusion. European High-Tech Workforce Coalition Seminar, Brussels, Belgium, June.

(2002) Community Organisations and the Internet: Challenges and Opportunities. Connecting Communities Conference, Dunfermline, Scotland, May.

(2002) Supporters, Mediators, Champions: Community Organisations in an Inclusive Information Society. National Voluntary Organisations Seminar, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland, March.

(2002) Voluntary Organisations and eDemocracy. IST eDemocracy Network Seminar, CNRS, Paris, France, January.

(2001) The Voluntary Sector and ICTs in Ireland and Europe: Access and Policy Issues. EU COST A16 Network meeting, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark, June.

(2000) The Digital Divide in Ireland. The Information Society: Myth or Reality seminar, University College Cork, Ireland, September.

(2000) The Internet and the Public Sphere. School of Communications research seminar, Dublin City University, Ireland, November.

(1999) Information Technology and Community Development in Ballymun. School of Communications research seminar, Dublin City University, Ireland, March.

(1999) Evaluating Social Aspects of the Internet. Social Aspects of Internet Development Conference, Dublin Castle, Ireland, December.

(1999) Grassroots organising on the Internet. Guest lecture, Masters in Cultural Studies, Dublin City University School of Communications, Dublin, Ireland, April.

(1998) Methodologies for Researching the Community and Voluntary Sector. Voluntary Organisation Management Seminar Series, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, April.

(1997) Irish Women’s Organisations and the Internet. Omagh Women’s Centre, Ireland, July.

(1997) Internet use in the Community Sector (with Kate Ennals). Information 2000 Seminar, Newbridge, Ireland, June.

(1996) The Internet for International Activism (with Kate Ennals). Seminar on Development organisations and the Internet, Comhlamh, Dublin, Ireland, May.